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Campstream One

$ 499.00 USD
First delivery December 2023

Second delivery
January 2024
The Campstream One is a game-changer for car camping. This compact AC adapter connects to your EV and delivers temperature-regulated air directly to your ground tent or rooftop tent. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights and hello to a cozy, comfortable camping experience. Stay longer, sleep better, and enjoy the convenience of recharging your devices effortlessly. Elevate your camping adventures with the Campstream One.
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Currently available for:

Rivian R1S, Rivian R1T, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y*.

*More models to come.

What’s included

Window Unit

Designed specifically for your Tesla or Rivian model! Protects your vehicle's cabin from water, snow, and other debris.

Thermal Sleeves

Reversable insulated sleeves (use the black textile for heating, use the UV-reflective metallic for cooling), maximizes efficiency under extreme temperatures. Rolls up and stows snugly away in your carrying case when not in use.

Rain Gater

Waterproof textiles are secured around the hose, your vehicle's cabin is protected while camping in stormy weather.

Outer Hose

3 meter (10 feet) hose, insulated with aluminum, built-in USB-C support. Snap fits perfectly into your window unit.

Hose Case

Designed to minimize the size of the climate hoses when your product is not in use, gives extra protection during transportation. Always dry your hoses before packing them up!

High Flow Kit

Designed specifically for your Tesla or Rivian model. Fits securely on your dashboard and maximizes airflow to your tent.

Carrying Case

All items included in your Campstream One will fit into this padded carrying case, minimizing bulkiness and maximizing protection.

“For me, being an adventure photographer and filmmaker, it is vital to get a great nights sleep to stay focused on my job and mission. Then being able to stay dry and warm when tackling harsh weather conditions on the go is a lifesaver. The Campstream One gives me all of that and more.”
– Niklas Söderlund aka Nattesferd
Adventure photographer and filmmaker

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