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Born from a love of adventure

This is Campstream

Campstream's story began in the summer of 2022, inspired by my family's love for camping and the chilly nights that often accompany the Northern Swedish wilderness. It was during this time that I came across the concept of EVs utilizing advanced heat pumps to alleviate "range anxiety." This sparked an idea: could my EV's heat pump also provide warmth to our tent?

With excitement and curiosity, I embarked on an experiment. The moment I felt the comforting rush of warm, conditioned air flowing into the tent, I knew we had stumbled upon something extraordinary.

Fast forward one year, and what started as a personal project has evolved into a tight-knit team of friends turned family. We took bold leaps in our careers, invested countless hours, and poured our hearts into creating the very best product imaginable. The sense of pride we feel for what we have built is immeasurable, and our ultimate goal is to position Campstream at the forefront of the EV camping world.

We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey as we revolutionize the way we experience the great outdoors. Together, let's make Campstream the epitome of comfort, innovation, and adventure in the world of EV camping.

Designed with you in mind

Pack your car, grab your Campstream One and hit the road - That's how easy it is. With a low weight and an easy carrying system, the Campstream One is ready to bring along on any camping trip. Head out on your own or bring the whole family and the friends, the Campstream One provides unmatched comfort and usability for any tent setup.

At the start of a long hike

By staying recharged you can tackle any obstacle and adventure. We wanted to create a solution for the new era of EV camping, and the most fundamental part of camping is trying to get the best sleep as possible so you have lots of energy for the next adventure. Stay warm, cool down and maybe the most important stay dry in any weather condition.

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